College future ‘bright’ despite financial trouble

City College Brighton and Hove future ‘bright’ despite financial trouble

City College Brighton and Hove chiefs are confident of a bright future despite concerns about current financial difficulties.

The college’s senior leaders and governors say they might be in a surplus financially by the tip of the year.

Chatting with The Argus, principal Lynn Thackway said the present problems were being attributable to government changes to raised education funding.


Under new guidelines, cash that will have originally gone straight to the faculty is now distributed on to students from the coed Loans Company.

She said: “It’s put a strain at the cash flow and that’s what causes a few of the problems; that the income coming in doesn’t match.”

Mrs Thackway added: “By the top of June all our suppliers would be paid and recent with payments, there won’t be anyone behind. The brand new site will position us to be in a much better position going forward and we’ve taken under consideration the entire cuts approaching board.”

In a report from governors, which have been distributed to members of staff, bosses answered plenty of concerns raised by teachers including the impact of the present situation at the college’s standing locally and business world and the need of pushing ahead with a brand new building project.

Critics of the redevelopment plans say the change in focus has caused much of the financial problems currently being experienced by staff and scholars.

But Mrs Thackway dismissed the allegations, claiming the issues would have come whether the hot build was going ahead or not.

She said: “I know the way the employees feel but when the newbuild hadn’t been going ahead we’d still be on this position. It’s easy to peer both as though they’re linked but they’re not.”

Other concerns included allegations that scholars were unable to take exams since the college couldn’t pay for them.

However governors said that only three students experienced a delay to their requested exams but all were re-scheduled.