Boarding school gets damning inspection report

Lewes boarding school gets damning inspection report

an individual school formerly rated as outstanding has now been deemed “inadequate” following an “emergency” visit by inspectors.

Northease Manor School in Lewes, a boarding school for kids with special needs, was given the brand new rating by Ofsted in a report published yesterday.

The report states: “The school doesn’t meet the national minimum standards for residential special schools.”

The inspection was an “emergency unannounced residential inspection following the receipt of significant safeguarding concerns” the report states.


Northease Manor is a personal boarding school for youngsters with specific learning difficulties similar to autism and Asperger’s – which charges £9,141 for boarders a term.

The brand new Ofsted report read: “The school fails to adequately safeguard residential pupils’ welfare, health and safety to be sure they’re protected and kept safe. The leadership and management oversight and monitoring of the operation of the residential provision is insufficient.

“The school demonstrates insufficient knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of its boarding practice and thus, has not taken appropriate action to elevate standards of practice to enhance outcomes for residential pupils.

“The school’s governors don’t robustly scrutinise records and supply sufficient challenge to the senior leadership team, to result in improvements in safeguarding and the promotion of residential pupils’ welfare.”

The school’s previous report published in July 2013 stated that the varsity was rated outstanding or good in all areas.

This time the schoolwasdeemedinadequate in all categories bar one – the end result of residential pupils – which was deemed as adequate.

The hot report states “the quality of outcomes for residential pupils is variable”.

It adds: “Some pupils make good progress of their personal and social development; however, outcomes for other pupils was unsatisfactory.

“The majority of oldsters and home pupils have positive views concerning the boarding experience provided by the varsity. However, the supply of deal with some residential pupils is weak.”