An overview of teaching jobs in UK

The education system in the UK provides flexibility in terms of where one can work. Foreign teachers in England experience the excitement of teaching in a new educational system, while maintaining familiarity to other educational systems. There are two major avenues for overseas teachers in the UK. The first one is supply teaching; it lets teachers teach in various schools and gain experience working with the British curriculum. Teaching jobs in UK are available throughout the year, which allows teachers to begin in the middle of a term.

The other one is a long-term position that allows teachers to know exactly where they will be living and in what school they will be working. Many long-term contracts may lead to permanent employment.

Some teachers opt for private lessons instead of at a recognized institute due to flexibility in finances and schedule. Rates vary depending on subject matter and location.

Salaries are dependent on the type of school, whereas private schools tend to pay more, but not always. Many teaching jobs in UK are inclusive of benefits and housing mainly or long-term positions.