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Some simple tips for your CV to make it impressive

Creating a CV is always a difficult task for many people. They do not know how to create one smartly, and they keep wondering about various tips to create the best CV. Keeping your resume simple is one of the best tips for your CV that anyone can offer to you for same. The simplicity of your resume will help you get more attention from the recruiter, and you will be able to impress the recruiter in much better manner.

In addition to this, it is also essential that when you write about your qualities in a resume, then first write about your achievements in the resume. When you talk about your accomplishments, then it encourages people to read further. Along with that, it is also a wise idea that you talk about the things that make you suitable for the job and that will assist you in a number of ways for your resume.

Supply Teacher Jobs

As far as teaching is concerned, it is a highly rewarded profession. History is evidence that all great philosophers, prophets and scientists were teachers. Apart from a respected profession, teaching is also considered a very sound career for your financial position. This is the profession that enables you to work with young as well as inspirational groups of people.

The group of these people will give you a feeling of being at home even while working in a challenging atmosphere that usually encourages competition as well as diligence. More to the point, this career option also promise for consistent professional development with facilitating incentives. Furthermore, this profession also offers outstanding prospects to the teachers.

At present, supply teacher jobs are in constant demand due to several reasons. There are several schools and nurseries that normally look for supply teachers when their permanent teachers are on leave due to some specific reasons.

Education plays a vital role in every nations success in no doubt. Every country or state should not neglect the importance of education at present time. Since education is very important factor, teachers usually enjoy reputed status in the society. If you are looking out for a profession that can facilitate you with high growth and that too with increasing employment availability then you need to apply for supply teaching jobs. Several supply teaching jobs option available today for the people who are in search for supply teaching jobs.

An overview of teaching jobs in UK

The education system in the UK provides flexibility in terms of where one can work. Foreign teachers in England experience the excitement of teaching in a new educational system, while maintaining familiarity to other educational systems. There are two major avenues for overseas teachers in the UK. The first one is supply teaching; it lets teachers teach in various schools and gain experience working with the British curriculum. Teaching jobs in UK are available throughout the year, which allows teachers to begin in the middle of a term.

The other one is a long-term position that allows teachers to know exactly where they will be living and in what school they will be working. Many long-term contracts may lead to permanent employment.

Some teachers opt for private lessons instead of at a recognized institute due to flexibility in finances and schedule. Rates vary depending on subject matter and location.

Salaries are dependent on the type of school, whereas private schools tend to pay more, but not always. Many teaching jobs in UK are inclusive of benefits and housing mainly or long-term positions.

Tips For Learning Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office has become very important aspect of many people’s life; at home, in education, in non-governmental organisations, in government offices and any other place you can think of. Word, PowerPoint, Excels and now Outlook have become a very important software. Unfortunately, people learn only some few aspect Microsoft that they need to know. But you can learn more that you know and make optimal use of the Microsoft Office. The following are very important tips for learning Microsoft Office;Use online resources- you can get online tutorials on YouTube video tutorials. Many people have benefited so much from the YouTube Tutorials. You can visit the Microsoft Office Facebook page. They provide very important tips on how you can optimally use Microsoft Office. You can also learn from friends and colleagues who have advanced in knowledge. They can provide very important tips.Lastly, to make the best out of Microsoft Office, practice what you have learnt.

How to learn Microsoft Excel

Getting hired in the job market or generally improving oneself is an expectation of everyone. Change is constant, and a way to make sure one doesn’t stagnate is by learning new things. One relevant skill to have in today’s world is learning Microsoft Excel.

Microsoft Excel is one of the requirements for most jobs and businesses. According to Joanna Stern of, there are 1.1 billion people who use Microsoft Office Suite of which Excel is one. This shows the power of using the program. You may ask: “What are the uses of Excel?” On Excel, you can: analyze data, build spreadsheets, design images (yes, you can), and even do old-fashioned data entry.

So, how do you learn Excel? Learning is easy. There are different options on how to learn Excel Microsoft. You can use the help section in the program, different websites show the steps on how to go from a beginner to a pro, and of course you can learn from the Dummies book edition which is one of the the most popular learning resource around.

Ways You Can Simply Learn Photoshop

Knowing how to use Photoshop efficiently is very valuable. Whether you are an unskilled photographer taking pictures of your pets or children, or an international photographer, Photoshop has the tools that will undoubtedly make your work perfect.


If you find the right Photoshop Tutorial, learning Photoshop can be a great experience. There are various category of Photoshop tutorials available. But in general Photoshop Tutorials fall into; online learning, classroom instruction and books.


Online learning has proved to be very effective, and most people are opting for this category because it is not only cheap, but also equips you with the best skills. In addition, online learning is effective because you can reach your tutor any time you want. It also allows you to learn at you own pace, and you also at your own time.

Nevertheless, it is good to use the books and classroom tutorials to backup what you have been learning online.



Primary school places crisis revealed

Brighton and Hove’s primary school places crisis revealed

Nearly all of Brighton and Hove’s primary schools are drastically oversubscribed, new figures have revealed.

Thousands of oldsters revealed this week if their child had gained a spot in a single in their preferred schools following months of hysteria.

a complete of two,731 places were offered at schools chosen in parents’ three preferences but 169 children were offered places on the next closest school with room available.

South Hove and Saltdean are the areas most influenced by the high variety of applications although the council says there are sufficient places overall to fulfill the growing demand for places.

However the council has admitted that not the entire places are being offered within the right locations, with some parents being forced to travel miles clear of their homes to get their child to faculty.


A report compiled by Pinaki Ghoshal, executive director of children’s services at Brighton and Hove City Council, said: “We have worked hard during the last eight to 10 years with the intention that there are sufficient primary school places, within the right locations, for the increasing variety of children reaching compulsory school age every year.”

Since 2005 the council has created 345 newreception class places amid a complete of two,415 places – within the areas that show the best demand.

More places are expected to be created this year at West Hove Infant School’s Connaught Road site and on the Holland Road site if you want to be managed by West Hove Junior School.

But lately some schools has been forced to tackle “bulge” classes to satisfy demand – Davigdor Infant school is set to have its second class added in three years.

In step with the newest school place figures, Downs Infant School has received essentially the most interest from parents with 145 first preferences declared for the varsity.

It also received 140 second preferences and 57 third preferences for its 120 available places.

A higher greatest school is Davigdor Infant, which got 142 first preferences – of which 130 were successful.

But some parents were left totally disappointed after failing to land any in their top three preferences and at the moment are facing the chance of getting to travel long distances to a different school, or maybe refusing where and arranging their very own provision.

The selection of children who weren’t offered an area at a popular school rose this year to 169 – 5.8% – compared with 134 – 4.85% – the year before.

Many fogeys were left fuming by the council’s offer of an area that was not of their top three picks.

Among those angry parents is Francesca Hood in Hove and with one child already going to a college nearby she have been hoping her other child would gain a spot at Davigdor.

But she says she is nowbeing forced to refuse a suggestion of a spot at Coombe Road Primary School, which was not on her preference list, because she will be unable to get both her children to their schools on time because they’ve been placed to date far from one another.

“I have a nine-year-old who goes to faculty across the corner from where we are living and it’s impossible to get my fouryear- old to this one which they’ve offered.

“The council haven’t offered any explanation, it’s just the same old in an effort to take the faculty place up or not and in the event you don’t then what educational needs or provisions will you be making on your child, which right nowis none because I’m counting on the local council to do this.”

She said the council’s decision had left her no choice but to appeal where and called at the council to be more transparent when it came to allocating lower preferences.

She added: “I don’t see why I must have the responsibility. I’m going to attract get her right into a school that’s within walking distance, the entire point of this council is getting people out in their cars but they’ve given me an area that suggests i need to drive across Brighton.

“I even have a two-year-old so that’s going to be a difficulty besides.

“It’s farcical quite frankly.

“My first choice was Davigdor who’ve installed a brand new class for 30 extra places. I’m looking down the list and i’ve to assert quite frankly there must be more transparency.

“I’m just wondering where a majority of these children who haven’t got their places have ended up. There must be much more transparency regarding places, i believe we’re owed that.”

Another criticism the mum-of-three levelled on the council was that they offered her an area at a university that she would need to drive past other schools to get to.

“Even if they’d given me Balfour it might be better as i’ll pass that college going to the faculty they’d offered me, that’s the irony of the placement. They’ve given me a college it’s so ridiculously far-off.

“It’s nonsense, it is. I’m now competent where I’ve got to refuse a faculty place, which makes me answerable for providing the education because I can’t get my child to college without it affecting my other child.”

The selection of successful first preference applications within the city has risen this year from 2,323 to two,392 although the proportion of successful first preferences has dropped from 84.07% last year to 82.5% this time.

The Argus has exclusively reported at the growing school place crisis on the city’s secondary schools.

Earlier this month councillors warned that places for pupilsmoving up from primary schools could run out by 2017 due to an absence of provision.

In addition they highlighted that the issue of primary school places were a controversy since 2003 and because of this was starting to impact on later education places.

Brighton and Hove Labour leader Warren Morgan said the most recent figures showed a failing of the Government’s policy on school place provision.

He said: “This clearly shows the market system introduced by the Conservative-led Government seriously is not providing the places we’d like.

“We are supporting the cross-party Local Government Association’s demands the planning and provision of college places to be returned to local authorities.”

But Conservative spokesman for kids and Adolescents Andrew Wealls said the opposition party had didn’t offer another and accused t h e other parties at the council of doing nothing in regards to the longrunning problem.

He said: “As far as I’m concerned we had a partial technique to this in September last year once we referred to t urning Kings House right into a primary school , which might have created 90 places in part of the town that needs it most.

“The council had a possibility to get this right last September and flunked it.

“We’re going to have this debate nowwhich the Greens are desperate to not have and all you get from Labour is a barrage of criticism. It just makes me angry that we’ve got a continuing debate each year and nothing is finished about it.

“It’s ridiculous. My group are the sole ones that give you positive things in this. I’ve tried and tried to bring them on board and it’s just unbelievable and now we’re seeing the effects of it.”

Brighton and Hove City Council has claimed that they’re unable to correctly plan for primary place provision beyond three to four years since the children taking on places beyond that haven’t been born yet.

The report by Mr Ghoshal claims that the standard expectation in a cycle is that application numbers grow over a 12 to fifteen-year period before reaching a peak after which slowly declining.

The council’s own figures – backed up by 2013 GP registers – suggest that the variety of children aged four and over will peak next year and in 2016 after which may begin to reduce.

Officials are currently reviewing whether or not they should create more permanent places or continue to provide temporary bulge classes once the choice of applications begin to peak.

A spokesman for the council’s leading Green party said the council’s figures compared favourably to other local authorities.

They said: “A total of 82.5% of oldsters still got their first preference, that is great when compared with another local authorities; and the demand shows how popular our infants’ schools are, where performance is above the national average.”

This year greater than 94% of schoolchildren within the city were offered one in all their three preferred schools with about 70 more children being offered their first choice.

The choice of applications received in the deadline increased by 170 to two,933 from 2,762 last year.

Mr Ghoshal added: “I’m pleased that we’ve got been ready to offer this sort of high proportion of oldsters one in all their preferred schools, particularly since the variety of applications is up by 170 this year.”

A spokesman for Brighton and Hove City Council said: “More than 94% of schoolchildren in Brighton and Hove were offered considered one of their three preferred schools during this year’s primary age admissions round, with nearly 70 more children offered an area at their first preference school.

“Where the council has not been capable of meet any of the 3 preferred schools, parents has been offered an area on the nearest school that has places available.”


  • Downs Infant School: 145 (113 successful)
  • Davigdor Infant School: 142 (130 successful)
  • Balfour Primary School: 131 (113 successful)
  • St Luke’s Primary School: 125 (88 successful)
  • St Andrew’s CE Primary School: 121 (60 successful)
  • Goldstone Primary School: 116 (86 successful)
  • Patcham Infant School: 95 (80 successful)
  • Hangleton Infant School: 84 (73 successful)
  • Saltdean Primary School: 82 (82 successful)
  • Cottesmore St Mary RC Primary: 76 (59 successful)

College future ‘bright’ despite financial trouble

City College Brighton and Hove future ‘bright’ despite financial trouble

City College Brighton and Hove chiefs are confident of a bright future despite concerns about current financial difficulties.

The college’s senior leaders and governors say they might be in a surplus financially by the tip of the year.

Chatting with The Argus, principal Lynn Thackway said the present problems were being attributable to government changes to raised education funding.


Under new guidelines, cash that will have originally gone straight to the faculty is now distributed on to students from the coed Loans Company.

She said: “It’s put a strain at the cash flow and that’s what causes a few of the problems; that the income coming in doesn’t match.”

Mrs Thackway added: “By the top of June all our suppliers would be paid and recent with payments, there won’t be anyone behind. The brand new site will position us to be in a much better position going forward and we’ve taken under consideration the entire cuts approaching board.”

In a report from governors, which have been distributed to members of staff, bosses answered plenty of concerns raised by teachers including the impact of the present situation at the college’s standing locally and business world and the need of pushing ahead with a brand new building project.

Critics of the redevelopment plans say the change in focus has caused much of the financial problems currently being experienced by staff and scholars.

But Mrs Thackway dismissed the allegations, claiming the issues would have come whether the hot build was going ahead or not.

She said: “I know the way the employees feel but when the newbuild hadn’t been going ahead we’d still be on this position. It’s easy to peer both as though they’re linked but they’re not.”

Other concerns included allegations that scholars were unable to take exams since the college couldn’t pay for them.

However governors said that only three students experienced a delay to their requested exams but all were re-scheduled.

Boarding school gets damning inspection report

Lewes boarding school gets damning inspection report

an individual school formerly rated as outstanding has now been deemed “inadequate” following an “emergency” visit by inspectors.

Northease Manor School in Lewes, a boarding school for kids with special needs, was given the brand new rating by Ofsted in a report published yesterday.

The report states: “The school doesn’t meet the national minimum standards for residential special schools.”

The inspection was an “emergency unannounced residential inspection following the receipt of significant safeguarding concerns” the report states.


Northease Manor is a personal boarding school for youngsters with specific learning difficulties similar to autism and Asperger’s – which charges £9,141 for boarders a term.

The brand new Ofsted report read: “The school fails to adequately safeguard residential pupils’ welfare, health and safety to be sure they’re protected and kept safe. The leadership and management oversight and monitoring of the operation of the residential provision is insufficient.

“The school demonstrates insufficient knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of its boarding practice and thus, has not taken appropriate action to elevate standards of practice to enhance outcomes for residential pupils.

“The school’s governors don’t robustly scrutinise records and supply sufficient challenge to the senior leadership team, to result in improvements in safeguarding and the promotion of residential pupils’ welfare.”

The school’s previous report published in July 2013 stated that the varsity was rated outstanding or good in all areas.

This time the schoolwasdeemedinadequate in all categories bar one – the end result of residential pupils – which was deemed as adequate.

The hot report states “the quality of outcomes for residential pupils is variable”.

It adds: “Some pupils make good progress of their personal and social development; however, outcomes for other pupils was unsatisfactory.

“The majority of oldsters and home pupils have positive views concerning the boarding experience provided by the varsity. However, the supply of deal with some residential pupils is weak.”

Failed free school cost taxpayer millions of pounds

Failed Discovery New School in Crawley cost taxpayer £3m

A failed free school closing today has cost taxpayers greater than £3 million.

Discovery New School in Crawley, that’s for kids aged four to ten, opened in September 2011 but have been suffering from funding issues and poor Ofsted reports.

And the once a year accounts have revealed that greater than £3 million of public money was spent.

Chris Oxlade, Labour Parliamentary candidate for Crawley, described the college as an “education experiment” which had gone “horribly wrong”.

He said: “Dozens of youngsters and their families has been put through a nightmare during the last few months looking for places within the state education system, that’s stretched to brink.”Millions of pounds of taxpayers’ money was invested within the school, that is being forced to close its doors, leaving Crawley with a massive bill.

“In addition, West Sussex County Council is being left to select up the pieces to the tune of almost £300,000, which it won’t see back from the dep. of Education for months, if not years.”

Figures from the once a year accounts show £854,633 of public cash was spent acquiring the Broadfield House site.

An extra £1,619,828 was spent on refurbishment and development costs – bringing the whole to £2,484,461 before the varsity had even opened.

Each academic year the faculty was open, an additional £359,304 of public money was handed over.

Mr Oxlade added: “This money can have brought much needed investment in Crawley’s schools, allowing the variety of places to extend and giving much needed support for special educational needs.”

From the outset it courted controversy for its use of Montessori teaching methods, which promote independence, freedom and a respect of a child’s natural psychological, physical and social development.

The faculty also drew criticism from teaching unions for hiring non-qualified teachers.

Last June a damning Ofsted report warned students on the school were in peril of leaving without with the ability to read and write properly.

Inspectors deemed it inadequate in three out of 4 categories, resulting in it being placed in special measures.

The report also pointed to the bad behaviour of pupils and the headteacher’s loss of “skills and knowledge”.

Lord Nash, from the dept for Education, made the choice to drag the faculties funding in December 2014.